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Perry will be performing "Back in Black" at Jack Black's Festival Supreme 2015

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Compilation Video of the
Comedy Pure Rock Ressurection*
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Windy City Heat was released on on September 26th, 2006!
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Scary Perry's first major motion picture.

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purchase Windy City Heat from

Films Role Company
Jack and Jill Bar Patron Jack and Jill Prod. Inc./Adam Sandler Productions
Just Go With It Featured Bar Patron Sony Pictures
Angels & Demons Extra Tibernia Productions
Windy City Heat - The Perry Project Lead: Star Actor - Stone Fury
Chicago Sports P.I.
Dir. Bobcat Golthwait/Comedy Cent./JQA Prods.
Bone Eaters Lead: Driver Cinatel Films / Director: Jim Wonnarski
The Science Detective Lead: Storm Chaser My You Me Productions
The Bank Job Lead: Drug Dealer Skyfall Entertainment
Number 23
Lawyer visiting Client Avery Pix,Inc.
Because I said so! Featured Sandy Alessi Casting
Devil's Den Strip Club Patron Casting Couch
Wrist Cutters Walking Dead NO Matter
Game Time Irate Prisoner Director Dave Cass Sr.
Beneday Ltd.
War of the Worlds Fighting Off Aliens Director Steven Spielberg
Paramount Pictures
Everybody wants to be Italian Featured in a Night Club Brynhilde Productions
Vegas Baby Featured Vegas Baby Inc. Productions
Mini's First Time Featured Mini's First Time Inc. Productions
Sing Me a Murdur Featured Sing Me a Murder Productions
Otherwise Engaged Featured Rose City Pictures
Venus N' Vegas DJ in Bikini Bar Sessions/Casting Couch
Alot Like Love Featured Mile High Productions
Synergy Featured Universal Pictures
Rancid Featured Axium Film Corp.
Onions Corpse Macc Payroll Services
Terminal Airline Passenger Dreamworks Productions
Collateral Featured Dreamworks Productions
Little Black Book Featured Black Book Productions
Pirates of the Caribbean Townsman Disney/Universal
If You Were My Girl Auto Mechanic CBML Productions, LLC
Hollywood Homicide Pedestrian Two Cops Productions, LLC
Duplex Featured Axiom International
Austin Powers III Prisoner Avery Pictures
Showtime Gun Show Feature Warner Bros.
Master of Disguise Featured Universal Pictures
Minority Report Featured Dir. Steven Spielberg
High Crimes Mall Rat 20th Century Fox
AI Hirsute Hobo Warner Bros.
Arnie Caddy Haven Scent LLC
Human Nature Featured

Good Evening Productions

Breakers Wedding Guest Metro Goldwyn Pictures, Inc.
Blow Prisoner Avery Pictures
Ghost World Featured Ghost World Productions
Metal Gods Road Manager Metal God Productions, Inc.
Bedazzled Rock 'n' Roll Roadie 20th Century Fox
Waking up in Reno Featured Reno or Burst, Inc.
Little Nicky Demon Avery Pictures
Mighty Joe Young Featured Driver Disney Pictures
Devil to Pay Featured Paramount Pictures
Godzilla Featured Big Fin Productions
Simply Don The Movie Star Comic Shyman Ent. / Don Barris, Dir.
Virtuosity Popcorn Vendor TriStar Pictures
Wayne's World II Audience Member Paramount Pictures
Body Count Doctor People Productions
Threesome Student Across Table Limelight Productions
Airheads Audience Member 20th Century Fox
Tehachapi Jailhouse Guest Total Eclipse Productions
Television Role Company
Greek Comic Con Fan Zeda Beta
Nip/Tuck Pedestrian N/T Productions / WB Productions
Chocolate News Voter Comedy Central
10 Items or Less Extra TBS / Director: Nancy Hawer
Greek Strip Bar Patron ABC Family, Sessions Productions
Totally Busted Psycho Patient Playboy TV, Starring Marry Carey
Half Baked Inc. Stand in for Steven Wright and the Voice of him snoring in his sleep. Dir. Julie Eagle/Herzog Prod.
The Comedy Pure Rock Resurrection Host/Writer/Producer Perry F. Caravello Time/Warner Communications
Fox Sports Net Tejon Ranch Marsha Hunt Prod., Inc.
Haunted Featured UPN / Viacom Productions
Six Feet Under Mourner HBO
Outsiders Featured WB
The Man Show Featured Comedy Central
The Dating Show Contestant PIC-TV
The Simply Don Program Co-Host Shyman Ent./Don Barris, Dir.
The Inheritance Featured Walt Disney Productions
Terry's Topics Guest Cox Cable
America's Funniest People Velcro Man ABC
Stand-up Comedy
Performed all L.A. clubs, out-of-town clubs available upon request.
Kalmenson & Kalmenson "Voice Over" Coaching
Kimberly Jentzen Film Actors Workshop for Cold Reading
Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture & Television Acting - Ivan S. Markota, Director
Barry Doe- Scene Study
Stephanie Feury- Stanislavski Method
Jeff Rubens- Camera Technique
Jeff Sable- Business of Acting
Bob Zarchar, Westside Casting -Cold Reading
The Source Seekers, New York / Los Angeles -Cold Reading, Commercials, Industrial Films, Monologues
Greg Dean's Comedy Workshop -Improv, Stand-up & Punch
Harvey Flickman, Pierce College -Comedy Workshop
Special Skills
Impressions: Accents: Skills:
Sam Kinison Italian Gangster Rock Show Host
Andrew Dice Clay Surfer Heavy Metal Vocalist
Wolfman Jack Valley Boy Drummer
Christopher Llyod New York Snow Skier
Danny DeVito Chicago SKATEBOARDING
Mr. T. Southern Snowboarding
Howard Cosell English Roller Blading
Larry King Australian Roller Skating
Daffy Duck More Upon Request Ice Skating
Fog Horn Leg Horn   Biking
Bugs Bunny   Swimming
Mickey Mouse   Race Car Driver
Joe Pesci   Motocross Racer
Marlon Brando    
More Upon Request    

Excellent at Playing Unstable Characters, Both Comedic and Sinister, Excellent at Scaring People


If your looking for a good Concert in the Southern California area these are the Clubs I'll be found in. Or The Clubs to go to for the best music and Comedy in Southern California.

All Local LA Clubs

All Access


Galaxy Theatre....

The Coach House...

The Whisky on The Sunset Strip...

The Troubadour...

The House of Blues...

The Ventura Theater...

Comedy Clubs

The Ice House in Pasadena, CA...

The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA...

The Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Haha's Comedy Cafe in N.Hollywood, CA

The Improv...

and of course I can't leave out the most popular Club in all The World...

The Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA

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